Relationships, relationships, relationships

The more experience I have in education the more I realize how important it is to have positive relationships with all stakeholders. It reminds me of trying to sell a house. When you are house hunting or trying to sell a house it all comes to location, location, location. The same thing goes for relationships and school. The success of any individual/group depends on the relationships and trust that are built within that organization.

George Couros states in his article, 8 Characteristics of the Innovative Leader, “In order to get all staff members to embrace new ideas you must have solid relationships.” People need to feel valued and safe to embrace new ideas. It is important to create a culture that it is safe in our buildings for our principals, teachers, and students to try new things. This isn’t easy and there will be many failures but when you have solid relationships success will eventually come to fruition.

Reflection time is important and necessary for growth. However, relationship building doesn’t happen behind a desk. So after I write this article I am leaving my office and going to connect with some staff and students at Rutherford School. Those solid relationships will help our district continue to meet the needs of our community and empower all students to exceed their potential.

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