Efficient use faculty meetings

The article found here resonated with me and made me reflect about how we conduct our faculty/district meetings. Time is precious and as administrators it is important to utilize that time wisely. As I read the article I started thinking about how we typically structure faculty meetings. Most of the time there is a laundry list of items that we go over to make sure staff members are “in the know.” Most of those items can be shared through an email. The idea of using the flipped classroom model for faculty meetings does interest me. I have tried it a few time this year by utilizing programs such as voicethread and other measures. I hope to try and model this more at the district level so principals will try it in their buildings. A goal for any faculty meeting/professional development session should be rich discussion with staff members about important topics/vision/goals.

Every time we talk about professional development, teachers always mention that the best PD occurs when they get to meet and discuss important topics together. In a short faculty meeting you could have some rich conversations about RTI, data teams, subgroup gaps, literacy strategies, etc.

Here are some sample questions you could send out to teachers prior to a faculty meeting about RTI.
1. Why do we have RTI?
2. What is Tier I, II, and III?
3. How does it work in my building? How are students identified? What is my role in this process?
4. What is the difference in Tier II students and students that receive additional instruction scheduled during your 30 minute intervention time?
5. What is working? What is not working? How can we make it better?

Then when you have a faculty meeting, divide your staff into groups and facilitate discussion regarding the questions above. After ample discussion time you can bring the groups back together to develop a consensus for the school and share that in document form with the staff.

“Anyone can steer the ship, but it takes a leader to chart the course.” John Maxwell

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One Response to Efficient use faculty meetings

  1. Gil Fletcher says:

    Good thoughts Mr. Pruett, not just for educators, yet also for anyone with leadership responsibilites, assuring that we focus on the mission of the organization. It is also a great time to have others share and to assume ownership in areas that matter or are for the “greater good” for those we serve…in your case and that of your colleagues, the educational needs of our youth.
    I read the following quote which has given me pause to reflect: “Sometimes we seek that which is spectacular and miss that which is significant.” Different meaning for us each one, depending upon our profession, our calling in life, yet important as we consider our mission…in our profession and in life!
    Thank you for your daily leadership.
    Best regards,

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