To call or not to call

I find that one of the most stressful times that I deal with is whether to cancel school during inclement weather. Many decisions I make are not so public. However, cancelling school could be a major PR fiasco. Usually no matter what decision is made, some people will be happy and some won’t.

We are in the job of educating children. If they aren’t in school that can’t happen. However, we also have to make sure we provide a safe learning environment. A day of lost instruction is one that we can’t get back. Therefore it is important to make sure to use our snow days appropriately. That creates a delicate balancing act. It would break my heart to know that someone got hurt travelling to school because we chose not to cancel school. It would also break my heart to know we missed out on a day of instruction that would help our students graduate college and career ready.

This past weather event definitely showed the possibility for some bad weather and we still haven’t gotten to the coldest part of the weather yet. The timing of the event plays a big part of the decision making process. There is nothing worse than having parents drop off their kids and then two hours later we cancel school and they have to make plans to pick them up. I will be honest I like to try and wait as long as I can before calling school off, however, you have to remember that parents have to scramble when decisions are made last minute.

I know that over the years there will be times that we will miss the call. I hope that when we do “miss it,” we err on the side of safety. I hope that everyone stays safe today and this weekend. Rest up and be ready to hit the ground running when we start back, hopefully on Monday.

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One Response to To call or not to call

  1. Gil Fletcher says:

    Thank you Eddie for your insight. I do not sense that you made an error. You made a decision based on the information you had at the time…and comfort or not, you have a lot of company as it seems most systems in west Tennessee chose to close.
    We pray for our school leaders regularly (and will continue to pray) as we realize yours is not an easy task and performed “in public view”.
    I heard remarks last night from a former coach, speaking to a group at Union University, as follows: “Don’t criticize coaches on Monday morning unless you realize they had about 4 seconds to make a call during the game…sometimes the call looks wrong to them on Monday as well”.
    May your day get better from this point forward…and thank you for your desire to educate and to be concerned for the safety of so many!
    Merry Christmas to you, your fellow educators and administrators and your families!

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